Meet the Fluffs! One Year Later.

It was one year ago that I published Meet the Fluffs! This was during the most tense time in American history that I've ever lived through. I wrote the majority of the book between March and May of 2020, intending it to be a safe place for people's overwhelmed and exhausted minds to go. Now... Continue Reading →

The Chosen One: Quotes and Notes

I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. --’resident D’ump, 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast, February 6, 2020. Researching and writing this article made me sick, like literally wanting to vomit, because of the content of the material I had to sift through. I still can’t believe... Continue Reading →

Quotes – The Blessings of Madness

Looks like someone’s had too much to think. --Captain Beefheart If you've come for inspiration you're too late, if you've come for the funeral you're too early. --Professor Joseph Dudley. Have you ever tried to convince someone that you're not crazy, Doc?  It's quite maddening, I assure you. --R. W. Hershey, "The Blessings of Madness," The... Continue Reading →

Quotes – Wisdom

DON'T MISTAKE LACK OF TALENT FOR GENIUS --TYPE O NEGATIVE WISDOM If you have a broken heart - you can’t pretend you don’t have a broken heart. --Ozzy Osborne You can't break a broken heart. --Daniel Johnston If you are annoyed at a thing, if you are tormented by someone who is acting within his... Continue Reading →

How To Describe Your Beauty?

This post combines elements of two of my books, Prodrome and The Twin. One of the weird little sub-plots in Prodrome, and there are many, is that the protagonist, Bruce, is in love with a portrait. This portrait hangs in his living room, and he speaks to it as though he's in a relationship with... Continue Reading →

Synesthesia – Red 45

Clue: First – backward then forward Last – forward then backward Pompous coward Monstrous ego Unstable madman Revolting persona Tyrannical fool Despotic greed Lecherous pervert Arrogant provocateur Nazi guru Obscene sadism Diseased dictatorship Oppressive authoritarianism Narcissistic fugu Abhorrent blasphemer Lecherous beast Delusional fraud Talentless fool Ruthless hysteria Unrestrained delusion Merciless psycho Perverted fiend

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