Excerpt 1: The Twin

Here's a little slice of philosophy from my book The Twin. This was written sometime between 2005 and 2007 as an attempt to preserve my "conclusions" about reality, a sort of grand narrative I'd been formulating since adolescence. At the time, I was gearing up to write what would become my first novel, Ages, but I was disillusioned by all... Continue Reading →


Dear Holland: #DutchProblems

I've been collecting these moments for a while now, and I thought I'd share a few of them. Oh the travails of civilized life! Let's begin: The feeling you get during Sinterklaas when all the good chocolate letters are taken. #earlybirdgetstheletter #niethuilen #allesS's #nogsteedslekker There will be a day when my bike seat isn't wet... Continue Reading →

What Heavy Metal Means to Me

"For me I think the beauty of metal is that it's a way of life. It's not something we've converted to — it's just that's who we are."  ---Dave Mustaine, 2007 Metal is in my veins, or so the saying goes. It's not simply a cultural milieu or penchant for a particular aural aesthetic, it's... Continue Reading →

How Champ Got His Name

Nearly ten years ago I was commissioned to write a story about Champ, the legendary lake "monster" that is said to inhabit Lake Champlain (Vermont, USA). It was supposed to be a collaboration between myself and an illustrator, but the illustrator flaked out on me, so I was left with this epic poem. Many more... Continue Reading →

Dear Holland: Episode 2 – Manners

Manners are an interesting thing in Dutch culture. Americans and especially the British are known for sometimes being "overly" polite. This translates in Dutch culture as being fake, not really expressing your true opinions, and generally valuing the status quo over "honesty." While I could say a whole lot about that, I won't, because it's... Continue Reading →

Chocolate-Chip Couture

I've temporarily put aside work on my new novel to write some short stories. They chronicle a group of spirited stuffed animals called "Fluffs" who are always in search of fun and adventure! Isabelle the tiny, lively sheep is fast as lightning and loves chocolate, while her best friend Molasses, an impossibly soft rabbit, has... Continue Reading →

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