Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I publish under the name R. W. Hershey, but people usually call me Rich or Richie. I’m an American writer and musician currently living it up in the sunny, wind-swept province of North Holland, Netherlands. I’ve worked hard over the years to earn bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Religion, and master’s degrees in Western esotericism and Religious Studies. I’m pleased to say that I’ve published five books and recorded hours of music, with lots of new releases planned for 2018.

I write both fiction and non-fiction, from novels, short stories, and academic essays to poetry and philosophical prose. As an academic, my specialities are conspiracy theory and Western esotericism, though I’ve been able to incorporate these into my literary work as well. I started this blog to introduce myself and give my thoughts on topics of social and cultural significance, as well as to share some of the hidden gems in my books.

To get really hippy-trippy for a second, I’d say that ultimately my work is about expanding awareness of the hidden hands that move the plates of power, both below and above. I hope that, by sharing this awareness, humanity will broaden its conception of reality and use it to bring unification and love.

But seriously though, my books are even cooler than these (already awesome) blog posts, so pop on over to Amazon and grab one today!

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