What Heavy Metal Means to Me

"For me I think the beauty of metal is that it's a way of life. It's not something we've converted to — it's just that's who we are."  ---Dave Mustaine, 2007 Metal is in my veins, or so the saying goes. It's not simply a cultural milieu or penchant for a particular aural aesthetic, it's... Continue Reading →


The Provocateur: Method, Motivation, and Mentality

I've come into contact with many personality types in my nearly forty years of existence, and perhaps the most confusing and diabolical is he whom I call "The Provocateur." I can't understand why some people enjoy provoking anger in others. I can't understand why it's fun for them to pick at a person until they... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Silver Lining

“The time for empty talk is over; now arrives the hour for action.”  - Donald Trump, Inaugural Address, 2017 With all the backlash to Trump’s presidency, it seems like there’s no effort being made to find the good in it. I mean, every cloud has a silver lining, right? I was thinking about how many good... Continue Reading →

Why The Cosby Show Will Always Matter

It’s one of the most difficult topics I’ve come across, and most people seem reluctant to give an opinion. It’s so normal to think that Cosby was framed, especially because celebrity brings with it the possibility for opportunists looking to make a dishonest buck. Money is the lure, and celebrities are the catch. So it’s... Continue Reading →

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