A New Lifestyle: Reminiscence of a Bachelor on the Eve of His Wedding

As my final days of bachelorhood wind down, I'm compelled to reflect on what it really means to be single, and what I think it will mean to be married. My life as a single man, or at least an unmarried one, has been rather adventurous. Not necessarily in an amorous way, or in a... Continue Reading →


Mean, Green, and a Bit Obscene: The Sting of Jealousy

I’ve been consumed by jealousy many times in my life. It’s an ongoing struggle. But I don’t quite understand the emotion. What is jealousy? Why is it there? Is it masked insecurity? Is it a survival mechanism? There are at least four kinds of jealousy that I’m aware of, or at least that the dictionary... Continue Reading →

Entheogenic Engagement

Shirtless hippies were tossing a frisbee between the sea of cars, and She found herself studying its trail as it coursed through the ether, an undulating spray of luminous fractals left in its wake, unnamed colors rippling behind the iridescent disc. It’s starting. She could still taste the chocolate, but it had an entirely different... Continue Reading →

The Mouse Who Hid in a Sock

Sebastian didn’t like to leave his sock. It was warm and soft inside, and always good for hiding. One day his friend, a tiny white sheep named Isabelle, was bored with the room they shared and wanted to go outside and play. “Come on, Sebastian,” she urged, tugging with her teeth at his long wooly... Continue Reading →

Illuminati Politics, American Tradition

The Illuminati are here! They have infiltrated the American government! Stop them now before a terrible war begins! This is a summary of the message booming from pulpits across eighteenth-century New England, preparing for the election of 1800. While studying for my master’s degree, I stumbled upon this little known but incredibly interesting episode in American... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Silver Lining

“The time for empty talk is over; now arrives the hour for action.”  - Donald Trump, Inaugural Address, 2017 With all the backlash to Trump’s presidency, it seems like there’s no effort being made to find the good in it. I mean, every cloud has a silver lining, right? I was thinking about how many good... Continue Reading →

Why The Cosby Show Will Always Matter

It’s one of the most difficult topics I’ve come across, and most people seem reluctant to give an opinion. It’s so normal to think that Cosby was framed, especially because celebrity brings with it the possibility for opportunists looking to make a dishonest buck. Money is the lure, and celebrities are the catch. So it’s... Continue Reading →

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