The Provocateur: Method, Motivation, and Mentality

I've come into contact with many personality types in my nearly forty years of existence, and perhaps the most confusing and diabolical is he whom I call "The Provocateur." I can't understand why some people enjoy provoking anger in others. I can't understand why it's fun for them to pick at a person until they... Continue Reading →


Mr. Frog is Full of Hops

Mr. Phineas Frog lamented daily the name he’d been given. It was bad enough to have a family name like Frog, but to alliterate the embarrassment was all too much for his sensitive constitution. Still, Mr. Frog had navigated the trial of youth with his characteristic dull wit and rash naiveté, continually skirting disaster as... Continue Reading →

Entheogenic Engagement

Shirtless hippies were tossing a frisbee between the sea of cars, and She found herself studying its trail as it coursed through the ether, an undulating spray of luminous fractals left in its wake, unnamed colors rippling behind the iridescent disc. It’s starting. She could still taste the chocolate, but it had an entirely different... Continue Reading →

The Mouse Who Hid in a Sock

Sebastian didn’t like to leave his sock. It was warm and soft inside, and always good for hiding. One day his friend, a tiny white sheep named Isabelle, was bored with the room they shared and wanted to go outside and play. “Come on, Sebastian,” she urged, tugging with her teeth at his long wooly... Continue Reading →

Illuminati Politics, American Tradition

The Illuminati are here! They have infiltrated the American government! Stop them now before a terrible war begins! This is a summary of the message booming from pulpits across eighteenth-century New England, preparing for the election of 1800. While studying for my master’s degree, I stumbled upon this little known but incredibly interesting episode in American... Continue Reading →

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